Cedar Mill Construction located in Tualatin, Oregon is a commercial construction contractor. Cedar Mill Construction works in the commercial, industrial, public works and giant warehouse spaces.  General Contractor Portland Oregon

“Your ownership, supervision, and employees are an outstanding example for quality and reputation and should be the standard for Oregon Contractors

George R. Jackson, Homeowner


Cedar Mill Construction has worked on many projects, and can cater to any budget size, from $200 to $2 million.  Below, you will find some examples of their best work.  Enjoy.

Afghanistan-Iraq War Memorial Image  

Rife with challenges and disinterested bids, the state of Oregon asked Cedar Mill Construction to complete the Afghanistan-Iraq War Memorial by Veteran’s Day.  Faced with design challenges and tight scheduling, Cedar Mill Construction quickly hired an architect and an engineer to assist with some the design intricacies, and delivered outstanding results.  The final project involved a concrete “pool” with an overlay of the world, and a series of shooting water jets.  In the center of the scene, was a statue of an American soldier with his arms open to the world.  Ignored by many, Cedar Mill pulled off the project brilliantly, and beautifully crafted a memorial to remember.


Multnomah County Yeon Building Skylight Replacement

Cedar Mill Construction safely removed and disassembled 96 skylights from this building’s roof, ultimately marrying the challenge of strict safety guidelines and the strong desire to be eco-friendly.  100% of the materials were separated and donated for re-use.   

Fire Station 11

As part of their ongoing mission to uphold their “green” values, Cedar Mill chose to remodel this old out-dated station instead of tearing it down, and instead focused on salvaging as much of the existing structure as possible.  In the end, everybody won.  Many materials were saved and reused, and the station got it’s much needed renovation and seismic upgrades.

PSOB, office door relocation

After relocating the existing office door, Cedar Mill provided an array of space management ideas, and helped to create an efficient and budget-conscience workspace.  

Waco Training services room

Tackling this warehouse conversion, Cedar Mill gave the new Waco Training office space the works, furring the concrete walls with drywall and installing a new drop ceiling.  They also extended the HVAC system and reduced the building’s energy needs to help create the client’s ideal space.


 McCoy Building
McCoy Building
 Whitford Middle School Image
Whitford Middle School
Courthouse Image
 Hillside Community Center Image
Hillside Community Center
Afghanistan-Iraq War Memorial Image
Afghanistan-Iraq War Memorial
 Portland Building Image
Portland Building
Hillside Community Center
Hillside Community Center
Jury Box Image
Jury Box
Multnomah County Drainage Image
Multnomah County Drainage
Jurgens Park Image
Jurgens Park
Drive-Up Teller Window Image
Drive-Up Teller Window
Portland Water Bureau Image
Portland Water Bureau


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